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Rules and Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Old Town Scavenger Hunt work?

Teams of 2 to 6 players will utilize all of their skills and abilities to solve a challenging series of clues leading them on an exciting 3-hour Scavenger Hunt through Albuquerque’s oldest neighborhood. Scavenger Hunts are a fun & memorable family event - and you could win a prize! But, it’s also a great way to learn the history, legends & lore of Old Town.

Every team will receive a packet of clues at the start of their Hunt that will range from moderately easy to very difficult. Clues will lead you to various locations around Old Town. Once there, you'll need to answer a question about each location, proving that you've found it. Points are given for each correct answer. You'll also receive a list of "Scavenger Hunt" photos to be taken or items to collect along the way to earn bonus points.

Players must have a keen eye, a sharp mind and a digital camera.

Clues will require brainpower, teamwork and strategy to solve. You'll crack codes, solve challenging word or number puzzles, navigate with an Old Town Map (provided), research little known facts, visit secret locations and find hidden treasures.

You can start your Hunt at any time during the scheduled hours. Your team will receive all of your clues at the start of your Hunt and your starting time will be recorded. You will have three hours to complete your Hunt. You can solve the clues in any order you wish. Most teams probably will not solve all of the clues within the three hour time limit. It'll be up to you to strategize how best to use your time - and each other - to correctly solve as many clues as possible.

The Team that finishes with the highest number of points is the winner!

Do the winners get prizes?

Yes. The winning team receives a selection of prizes! Prizes are awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Teams. However, the focus of our events is not on awarding large prizes - it is on providing a fun and memorable experience.

When are the Old Town Scavenger Hunts?

How long do the Scavenger Hunts take?

You will have up to THREE HOURS to complete the Scavenger Hunt. You can start at the time of your choice during the scheduled Hunt hours. (Teams arriving at the finish line later than the designated three-hour time limit will receive a penalty of minus 5 points for each five minutes they are late.)

What are we looking for?

On most of our Hunts, you are not collecting objects, but searching for answers to tricky and humorous questions about the places you visit and sights you see. No previous knowledge of a Hunt location is necessary and you will discover a lot of cool things and fascinating facts!

How much does it cost to play?

Each Hunt is $10.00 per player (+ applicable sales tax). Registration fees are non-refundable. Consider these tickets to be the same as theater tickets or sports event tickets: All sales are final. However, if one of your team members needs to cancel after you've registered but before your Hunt has started, you may replace them with another player. Buy Tickets Here

How do I register for the Scavenger Hunts?

What do I need to bring with me in order to participate in the Hunt?

You must bring one digital camera per Team to document your finds. You're free to bring any other materials with you that you think might be helpful. Dress comfortably and wear comfortable shoes. Avoid carrying anything heavy.

Are any special skills or abilities required?

No special skills or abilities are required for our Hunts. You don't need to be an athlete or an Old Town trivia buff, but you should have a keen eye and be able to think and act quickly, and work well together as a team.

How familiar with Old Town do I need to be?

If you're playing to win, being at least somewhat familiar with the neighborhood of your Hunt will be helpful. If you're playing just to have fun, you don't need to be familiar with the area at all.

Can children participate?

Yes, our Hunts are designed for ages seven and up. Children under the age of seven may find a Hunt too long, too difficult or too tiring. Plus, reading skills will increase the child’s enjoyment of the Hunt clues and in the search for answers. A Hunt ticket is required for every child aged seven and older but you may bring younger children with you free of charge.

There must be at least one adult per team.

How many people can be on a Team?

Teams can be from two to six players. However, the entire team must stay together and travel together at all times and can not split up or separate at any time during the Hunt. Only the people registered for your team are allowed to participate.

Old Town Tours representatives will monitor teams throughout the Hunt.

I want to Hunt with my friends and family - do I have to buy tickets for my entire team?

Each person on your team can purchase tickets separately. Just be sure to tell us that you are part of a group and provide the player names so that you will be on the same team as them.

What if the weather is bad on the scheduled Hunt days?

Scavenger Hunts are held outdoors and will be held rain or shine. All players should dress appropriately for the weather. If you prefer not to chance being uncomfortable due to inclement weather, please contact us to reschedule for another Hunt.

Is this a race? Will a bunch of athletes outrun me? How long of a walk is it?

Our Hunts are not designed as races, and we do not encourage people to run. The Hunts are designed to be more a test of your wits and your teamwork, not a test of physical fitness. There is a time limit of three hours. Total walking distance is from one to five miles based on the routes you choose. Hunts are done entirely on foot. All players should wear comfortable walking shoes and be in adequate physical condition to participate.

Are the Hunts wheelchair accessible?

Yes. Most of Old Town is wheelchair accessible without any hills. However, the area is a Historic District. Many of the streets and sidewalks are uneven with small doors and passage ways.

How are the winners determined?

The team that finishes the Hunt with the highest number of points is the winner. If two teams have the same score, the team that arrived earlier at the finish line is the winner. (Teams arriving at the finish line later than the designated three-hour time limit will receive a penalty of minus 5 points for each five minutes they are late.)

When will Winners be announced?

Answers to all clues will be provided and the winners announced at noon the next day after the end of each Hunt session. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE PRESENT AT THE ANNOUNCEMENT TIME TO WIN. Winners will be notified via telephone. Prizes must be picked up by the winning Team within 90 days of noification.

Do you hold Hunts in places other than Old Town Albuquerque?

Not at this time, but possibly in the future.

Can you create private Hunts for groups or special events?

Yes. Please contact us for additional information at: (505) 246-TOUR or

Old Town Santa Claus

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